Our Team

We feel that our dental staff is our best asset. Each member of our team will strive to make your dental experience a positive one.

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We are general dentists providing fine dentistry-- including crowns, bridges,  implant restorations, aesthetic veneers, bonding and bleaching as well as root canal therapy, extractions, dentures and periodontal/gum therapy.

We offer dental care for the entire family. We strive to provide the best dental treatment with the utmost comfort and care. Our staff works well together to help you feel relaxed the moment you walk in our door. Let us help you attain a beautiful, healthy smile in a comfortable setting.

We are committed to wellness, not just eliminating problems and feel that the health of your smile is equally important as its beauty. We utilize the latest techniques to enhance smiles whether it is in-house whitening, porcelain veneers, re-treatment of old crowns to natural translucent porcelain crowns, dental implants or re-contouring of chipped teeth.